[Spambayes] How do I delete Junk messages without ruining thetrained SpamBayes algorithm?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun May 23 19:59:31 EDT 2004

> Last time, I simply deleted the Junk mail messages
> by moving them to the "Deleted Items" folder.  But 
> then SpamBayes quit working and needed to be retrained.

Let me guess: you deleted the entire folder, not the messages in the folder,
right?  SpamBayes needs that folder there, otherwise it's got nowhere to put
new messages.  It couldn't care less what's already inside it, though.

> In your FAQ, you state "It is also safe to delete any
> messages that you have already trained on using the 
> "Delete as Spam" and "Recover from Spam" buttons. All
> the information that SpamBayes needs to know about trained
> messages is stored in a separate file."
> But if I access the Junk E-Mail folder and highlight all
> of the junk messages, the "Delete as Spam" button simply
> changes to the "Recover from Spam" button, so I cannot
> possibly use it to get rid of the old junk messages.

The "Delete as Spam" button does two things: it trains the message as spam,
and it moves the message to the spam folder.  Those messages are already in
the spam folder, and probably either already trained as spam or not
necessary to train as spam.  What would be the point of using the "Delete as
spam" button here?

> So how, specifically, do I safely get rid of these junk messages? 

1.  Open your "Junk E-Mail" folder.
2.  Select all the messages you want to delete.
3.  Press the delete key.  Outlook might prompt you (depending on your
settings), asking if you're sure you want to move them to the deleted items
folder.  You'd probably want to say "Yes".  Alternatively, you can hold down
shift when you press delete, and they'll be deleted, rather than moved to
the deleted items folder.

(Note that this is exactly like you delete any other message in Outlook).

=Tony Meyer

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