[Spambayes] ANNOUNCE: SpamBayes release 1.0rc1

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Sun May 23 23:08:44 EDT 2004

> - I was already running pop3proxy as a service, and the
> installer didn't want to install the new version. The reason at
> first was an unrecognised option in my old bayescustomize.ini
> in the [html_ui] section. After commenting the offending line,
> it just crashed. Of course I was running an older version (0.7a
> I think), and since this is only 1.0, no big deal. And manually
> removing the old service and installing the new 
> version fixed it.

Hmm.  It should really have just printed out a warning about the bad option,
although there have been a couple that have changed significantly, and might
cause a problem.  You're right that things should be more stable now,
though, so that shouldn't be the case in the future.  I'm not sure why it
would simply crash after you removed the offending option, either, but since
it's all working, I'm not too concerned.

> [ I'm sorry to say I was so stupid to forget noting
> the offending option before throwing everything away, so I cannot 
> include it here. I only remember there were two options in 
> that section, and the offending one ended in _to, value True ]

Maybe notate_to?  There's still a residual problem with this, I think (from
reading other messages), which I'll look into shortly.

> - Two of the new advanced options immediately caught my eyes: Default
> training for spam/ham. I always had to manually check 'discard' for 
> those, so these looked like a real time saver. Given that I 
> receive an average of 300 messages a day, of which ~50% is spam, and I 
> only want to train on selected unsures, you can imagine it takes
> quite a bit of scrolling to find the spam section. I was hoping
> I could just quickly set the unsures to the correct values, and
> jump down to the page to press Train, but unfortunately these
> options are not honored. All hams still default to Ham, and all
> spams to Spam.

Did you set the options manually in your bayescustomize.ini file, or use the
web interface to do it?  These ought to work (and do for others), so maybe
they're not set right?  Do you get any errors in your log?  If not, could
you maybe post the relevant extract from your bayescustomize.ini, in case
something's not right there?

> [ A very small improvement
> for me would be a Train button at the top of the page. I 
> trust Spambayes enough in its ham and spam judgments, so I do not
> need to look at those sections. In the past year, I have never
> had a false positive, and 
> definitely less than 10 false negatives ]

Something along these lines is requested every now and then.  There's a
tracker open about it (feel free to add comments):

[ 917107 ] Extra train buttons on review page

I suspect some solution will be added in an early 1.1 release.

=Tony Meyer

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