[Spambayes] Exporting SpamBayes rules to another PC in the office

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue May 25 19:29:17 EDT 2004

> I have set up SpamBayes on my computer, but would like
> the same rules to apply when I open my Outlook at another
> computer in the office.  Our office does not use roaming
> profiles.  I installed SpamBayes on the other computer
> and then tried copy/pasting the files from C:\Documents
> and Settings\[user]\Application Data\SpamBayes, to the same
> location on the other computer, but the rules didn't seem
> to get applied to my Outlook email on the other computer.
> Do I have to change something in the registry in order for 
> the rules to stay the same from one computer to the next?

No, that should do it.  Was Outlook closed at the time you pasted the files
in?  If it's not, it wouldn't recognise the new ones, and might have
overwritten them when you closed Outlook.

Is the "default_bayes_database.db" file the same size in both places?

=Tony Meyer

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