[Spambayes] Problem with POP3 Proxy: [Classification tokens "spam", "unsure" not unique]

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed May 26 18:39:51 EDT 2004

> I'm using MSOE, sorting on the Subject header.  Some real 
> emails have the words "spam" or "unsure" in the subjects.  
> Can the inserted tokens be changed to some rare or made-up 
> "words"?  I'm brand new at this and may be missing some easy option...

1.  The word added is actually "spam," and "unsure,", so if you include the
trailing comma, that is more protection (although a subject of "I get a lot
of spam, do you" would still trigger the rule).

2.  Instead of notating the subject header, you can notate the to header.
It's pretty unlikely you get mail from "spam" or "unsure".  This does mean
that a reply-all had an invalid recipient, but you probably don't reply to
any spam, and should only get a few unsure messages.

3.  You can change the tags to anything you like, although this option isn't
exposed via the web interface (you have to open up the configuration file
and add the options manually).  This option is rarely used, though, so gets
limited testing, although it should work.

However, changing the tags fails to work with the "notate to" and "notate
subject" options.  This is a known bug and will be fixed, but it's unlikely
to make it into 1.0 (because it's not critical and might accidentally break
other code).  If you run from source you can make the changes and it'll work
(if you want to do this let me know and I'll explain what needs to be
changed), but with the binary (like you currently have), this isn't

It's not the answer you were after, but does that help?

=Tony Meyer

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