[Spambayes] More Error Messages in log file?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed May 26 18:53:10 EDT 2004

> I get this error message when I try to do a check for new
> version? Error checking the latest version Traceback
> (most recent call last):
> URLError: <urlopen error (10053, 'Software caused connection
> abort')>

Do you connect through a proxy server?  Do you use an 'automatic
configuration script' to setup your proxy?  If the latter, then we don't
support this - it's a complex problem that isn't really worth the time
solving (and it's shared by a lot of programs that need a network connection
more than SpamBayes).

> They just keep on coming.  Here is one I get when I click on 
> the Delet as Spm button.

Clicking the button still works as expected, though, right?  (That's the
case here).

>  This message arives in a folder and 
> the Spam field has nothing in it.  25% or so of the messages 
> I get have nothing in this feild.  When it shows up in the 
> Spam folder after clicking on the button, it has a percentage 
> in the Spam field, even with these errors.

I'm not sure if the lack of scores is related to this or not - it's
possible.  If the problem is connectivity to Exchange, though (Are you using
Exchange?) then I'm not sure what we can do about it.  Do messages in your
inbox and spam folder always have the score added?  Are all folders on
Exchange, or some local?  If you do a "show spam clues for this message" on
one of the messages without a score, is it in the unsure range?

> msgstore.NotFoundException: NotFoundException: Exception 0x8004010f
> (MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND): OLE error 0x8004010f

I get these all the time, too, but they don't do any harm.  If I had to
guess, I'd say that I get them when Exchange is busy with something and
SpamBayes tries to get information, but that's just a guess.  This kb
article seems to back up the guess, though:


> Please let me know what I need to provide to resolve this 
> issue.  I have no idea if this is a bug so I am reluctant to 
> report it as such until I am sure it is not my other 
> software.

Every now and then I consider handling this error more nicely so that my log
is cleaner, so if you want to open a bug report, that's fine.  Even if it's
not causing us any problems, we could clean up the error report.

> If this is a bug, how to I create a clean log file 
> so there is not much other than the problem in it.  I see 
> information in the logfile that I am not sure I want to sent 
> in a report.  I am prety sure that it is not related to any problems.

The log file is created each time you start Outlook, so you could close
Outlook, open it again, trigger the problem, then copy the log.  Or you can
just open up the log, trim out any unnecessary information (preferably
noting that you did so), and attach that.

> Is there any reason why no one responded to my first post?   

Because you sent it less than 24 hours ago?  You have to be patient around
here - the answers come from a group of volunteers doing this in their spare
time; they're also scattered around the world, which means that while you
might expect people to be answering, they might be sleeping.  Sometimes an
answer will come back immediately (although this is typically a "give me
more information" or "read this FAQ" answer), but it'll usually take a
while.  If you don't get anything after a couple of days, open a bug report
(or support request) on sourceforge <http://sf.net/projects/spambayes>, and
it'll definitely be dealt with at some point.

=Tony Meyer

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