[Spambayes] spam on the spambayes mailing list

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Wed May 26 22:38:11 EDT 2004

[Thomas Harold]
> (looks around for whoever's in charge)

If you follow the link at the bottom of every msg on this (or any other
Mailman) list:


you'll find the list admin names at the bottom.  I'm one of them here.

> Is anything being done about the numerous spam e-mails that have been
> posted to the list?  The out-of-office announcements?  The anti-virus
> announcements?

No, times 3.  People need to discuss spam here, including examples.  No
filtering is applied to this list.

> (e.g. only allowing submissions from subscribed e-mail addresses,

That's hostile to one-shot questions from new users, which make up about
half the legit traffic here.

> or even switching to a moderated list)

Are you volunteering to do the work of moderation?  If so, and you're not
wishfully underestimating the time it takes to do so, every day without
fail, it can be your job.  The current list admins can't make that

> Wading through all this is a bit tiresome, especially since the mailing
> list is for supporting anti-spam software.

My personal spambayes filter weeds out virtually all spam from this list, so
I'm not even aware of it most days.  I'm desperately aware of it on the
members-only lists I admin, where weeding out good from bad posts sucks away
an increasingly resented part of each day.  Even the private python-help
list, which is lightly advertised (and which I help on, but do not admin)
was reported to have about 1500 messages waiting for moderator approval
earlier this week (any luck with those, Skip <wink>?).

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