[Spambayes] More Error Messages in log file?

VBCoder VBCoder at iUpTown.com
Thu May 27 07:58:20 EDT 2004

Hi Tony,
Auto Update,
I think I know what the problem is for this one.  I have my firewall set up
to reject any port 80 traffic from outlook.exe.  Because this product is
running in outlooks address space, it is blocked.  Could you provide me with
the IP addresses and ports that need to be accessed and I will build a rule
that allows them.

Error Messages
I think I am getting confused here.  I am not sure if Spambayes or the rules
I created get the message first, but I assume that Spambayes does.  Assuming
that, here is what I am seeing.  I have several PSTs, each of them is a
Category.  In Each PST I have Folders and subfolders.  There is one main
Inbox that all mail gets delivered to.  The rules eventually move all
messages from the Inbox to folders in other PSTs.  If I open the Inbox, I
can see messages arrive in the Preview pain and can see % values in the Spam
field.  The messages are going through so fast, I can't determine if they
all have % values in them.  I can only say that some have the value.  All
messages that arrive in the Spam and/or Unsure folder have a % value in
them.  These Folders are in my Junk PST and is not the PST that has the
Inbox that messages get delivered too.  Many of the messages that get
delivered to the other folders via my rules are the ones that do not have a
% value in them  The example I gave of a message that did not have a value
was from my Junk Folder in the Junk PST.  The Junk rules that are built into
Outlook are the rules that put them there.  I get messages without a % value
in all of the folder/PST combinations, even folder in the PST that the Inbox
is in.  There is one thing that I have been playing with that seems to
effect the number of messages that do not have the % value.  The longer the
delay in the Filter timer, the greater the number of messages that do not
have % values.  I have turned the filter timer off for now to see what that
does.  I can't find an explanation of what the different settings for that
function does.  I would like to understand what it is for, and why it is
there.  This may have something to do with this.  I also suspect that the
multiple PSTs might have a role to play in this too.

I do run the repair tools at times but not lately.  I will run that and see
what happens.  I am not having any other problems so I have not felt the
need to run it.


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> I don't use a proxy that I know of.  I have a local Firewall
> (Kerio 2.1) and a Hardware Firewall (a Linksys Router).  I
> don't think that it is even getting to Kerio as I see not
> activity there.

What's happening is that it's trying to retrieve a webpage (and uses the
information from there to determine if there is a new version).  Basically
all the code is in the Python core Library, so is subject to the same
limitations.  If you'd like to figure out why it is (alternatively you can
just subscribe to spambayes-announce, and get the same information pushed
rather than pulled), then the best thing would be to install Python and try
running a few commands.  Let me know if you want to do this.


> Outlook is setup as Internet only so there
> is no Exchange server involved, so they are all local.

That's interesting - I'd only found references to that error code in
relation to Exchange.  If we had the wrong store/entry id we could get this
error, but if that was happening then a lot more should be failing.  Have
you tried running Outlook's Detect and Repair and using the scanpst tool on
the PSTs?

> I have several rules that route all messages to folders in
> several different PSTs so there are no messages left in the
> Inbox.  As I watch the Inbox activity, it appears that the
> messages there get a % assigned to them.  I can't be sure as
> there are so many that I can see as things go by too fast.
> All message that arrive at the Spam and Unsure folders have a
> % assigned to them.

But in your original message you said:

>  This message arives in a folder and
> the Spam field has nothing in it.

So I'm not clear on what is happening here.  Is the score missing at times,
or not?

> The buttons do what I expect them to do,
> but I am not an expert user, so I can only say that they
> appear to go to the correct folder.

If they're getting to the folder, then the training has almost certainly
succeeded, because that happens first.  So everything works, and your only
problem is that there are errors in the log?  In that case, don't worry
about it.  This is not an important problem, and it is not interfering with
the operation of the plug-in.  If you really want the log to be clean, then
open a bug report, but it's not going to effect anything.  You don't *need*
to look at the log, after all.

> Here is an example of
> clues for a message that my rules identified as Junk mail and
> sent the message to the Junk PST.Folder:

What I wanted was for you do do this with one of the messages that didn't
have a score that had arrived in the unsure folder (as described in your
original message).  If the score (before training) was in the unsure range,
then the problem was probably just that the score wasn't being saved.  If
the score was not in the unsure range, then the problem was probably in the
scoring/message retrieval.  However, it now appears that you don't have
messages like this, so it doesn't matter.

=Tony Meyer

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