[Spambayes] RE: 'SpamBayes fails to filter most-recent message at Outlook startup' - responses to requests for clarification

Peik, Richard A Richard.Peik at UNISYS.com
Thu May 27 11:56:32 EDT 2004

Thank you, Mr. Meyer.   
The Subject-ed above problem does indeed appear  (2 cycles) to have been corrected in 1.0rc1, though as noted below it was not part of  FAQs.
A couple relevant questions below that might be worth your reviewing.
Thanks much.

Dick (Richard A.) Peik
Windows BIS, MRI and ICE Development
Unisys  Roseville (MN) 
(651) 635-3464 / N2: 524-3464

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Subject: RE: [spambayes-dev] SpamBayes at message-set boundary
[Please note that the spambayes-dev mailing list is for discussion about the
development of spambayes, not for bug reports or requests for help.  Those
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See <http://spambayes.org/contact.html> for more details.]
Noted.   I used the only contact point we had been provided here at Unisys.

...  Could you please:

  * Tell us which SpamBayes application you are using.  It sounds like the
Outlook plug-in, but we need to know for sure.
                Outlook 2000 plug-in
* Tell us which version of SpamBayes you are using.  If it's not the
latest (1.0rc1), then please try the latest, as the problem you are
reporting may have already been fixed.
1.0rc1;  Unisys says that the latest it has tested and offers for download is 1.0a9 (? whatever the numbering styles mean).
=Tony Meyer

Please always include the list (spambayes at python.org) in your replies
(reply-all),    >>>and please don't send me personal mail about SpamBayes.<<<
Sorry - I'm not clear how to avoid this yet respond to your requests for clarification.  Is it spambayes at python.org alone - or one of websites you note above - you wanted me to reply-to?
This way, you get everyone's help, and avoid a lack of replies when I'm busy.

Thanks again,  Dick

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