[Spambayes] Contacts whitelist

Glenn H translogik at hotmail.com
Thu May 27 20:49:23 EDT 2004


Great plugin!

A quick suggestion that you may or may not have thought of... it would be 
good to have an option to treat all of the user's Outlook contacts as a 
whitelist, so any mail from these sources would be treated as ham, not spam. 
It would have to be optional, of course, and probably off by default. But 
this would remove a lot of the false positives, since there'd be no need to 
check mail from trusted sources. I've already had a few false positives from 
people I know, and that's after training the system with thousands of 
existing e-mails just a few days ago. Oh, and it would need to check all 3 
of the contact e-mail fields, since these days many people have more than 
one address.

Just a thought!

Glenn :-)
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