[Spambayes] Contacts whitelist

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri May 28 01:22:36 EDT 2004

> A quick suggestion that you may or may not have thought of... 
> it would be good to have an option to treat all of the
> user's Outlook contacts as a whitelist, so any mail from
> these sources would be treated as ham, not spam. 

FAQ 6.6 talks about (in length) why this is not part of SpamBayes (yet,


In a nutshell a lot of people would like this feature, although a lot of
other people think it would be worthless (or worse than), and the developers
sit in the second camp.  Even this wouldn't necessarily mean that it didn't
get added, except that it's complicated to do (the FAQ goes into detail).
If someone ever steps up and does the work to implement it, then it's
unlikely that it would get refused, but until then, it'll sit on the list of

Thanks for the suggestion, though - be sure to let us know if you have

=Tony Meyer

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