[Spambayes] Where is my "spam" and "suspect" file

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri May 28 01:24:32 EDT 2004

> Were is my spam folder, I cannot locate it even in a search. 

The simplest way to figure out where it is, is to use the interface that
lets you select it.

Choose "SpamBayes Manager" from the SpamBayes button on the toolbar and
click the "Filtering" tab.  It'll have the name of the folder (which might
not be enough), but if you click the "Browse" button, you'll get the dialog
letting you choose a different folder.  This will open to the existing one,
which will let you see where it is in the   Outlook hierarchy.  (The same
technique applies to both folders).

=Tony Meyer

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