[Spambayes] Yes, I have read your Help File..and gone on your website tolook at FAQs, etc.

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri May 28 01:35:22 EDT 2004

> I have a user who is too fast with his clicking
> before reading.  He wanted to delete emails in his
> Junk Suspects folder, but ended up somehow deleting all
> the contents.  I've read instructions and tried to restore
> the archive folder, but it doesn't seem to contain any
> mail that was in Spambayes.
> Is there anyway I can reclaim his lost email, as it
> was not supposed to be marked as spam.

Was this mail:

 (a) Moved to the "Deleted Items" folder
 (b) Deleted by Outlook
 (c) Moved & trained by SpamBayes via the "Delete as Spam" button?

(There are too many meanings of 'delete' in Outlook!).  If it's (a), then
you can simply move it out of there.  If it's (b) (i.e. it was moved to
"Deleted Items" and that folder was emptied, or (eg) they held down shift
and permanently deleted it), then it's gone for good, AFAIK.

If it's (c), then it's not deleted at all, despite the name of the button,
and you can find it in the designated Spam folder (the "Filtering" tab of
the SpamBayes Manager dialog will tell you which folder that is).  If this
is the case, then you can just open up that folder, select the inadvertently
moved messages and click the "Recover from Spam" button and the training
will be corrected and the messages moved back to their original folder (if
possible) or the main Inbox (if not).

=Tony Meyer

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