[Spambayes] Spambayes Proxy Server Hangs up IE

Richard F. ff. Weir, Ph.D. rweir at northwestern.edu
Fri May 28 13:36:29 EDT 2004


I downloaded the Windows installer for Spambayes and installed the Spambayes proxy server as I use Outlook Express for my e-mail.  I run the software on a Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop running Windows 2000 SP4 and IE 6 with all the latest updates etc.  I also run IE 6 inconjunction with 3rd party software called cookiePal to isolate unwanted cookies.  Anyway I have found that clicking on the system tray icon of Spambayes to review e-mails for training fails to load. and IE 6 locks up and I have to use the task manager to kill the program but the system never recovers from this and I have to use the on/off button to restart my machine.  This has now happened sufficiently often that I am confident that Spambayes is the problem (never had this problem before only occurs when I try to look at the localhost/8880 webpages).  I have found that opening IE 6 first and then going to localhost/8880 home page first and then into the review page allows me to train on messages sometimes.

It would be great if this could be sorted out because the program itself seems to be doing a could job of catching my spam.  However, the hassle factor with having to power off my system everytime I try to train is fast becoming tedious to say the least.

Hope this helps

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