[Spambayes] 1.0rc1, modifies Received headers

Jem lists03 at pc9.org
Sun May 30 00:52:15 EDT 2004

I just started using spambayes -- through the commandline sb_filter.py and 
sb_mboxtrain.py. So far, so good! I haven't used it long enough to see how 
quickly it learns how accurate it becomes.

But I noticed that it modifies Received headers, thusly:

< Received: from c-24-98-224-113.atl.client2.attbi.com (c-24-98-224-
113.atl.client2.attbi.com [])
> Received: from c-24-98-224-113.atl.client2.attbi.com
>       (c-24-98-224-113.atl.client2.attbi.com [])

No information is lost; it's just wrapping after the long host name but 
this seems to me a rather strange thing to modify. Is there any way to get 
spambayes to leave this alone? It has the potential of confusing other 
things that try to parse Received headers.

I would think, best left alone unless there is a particular reason to 
change anything in the original message (as a general policy).

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