[Spambayes] Spambayes Proxy Server Hangs up IE

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon May 31 02:32:30 EDT 2004

> I downloaded the Windows installer for Spambayes 
> and installed the Spambayes proxy server as I use
> Outlook Express for my e-mail.  I run the software on
> a Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop running Windows 2000 SP4 and
> IE 6 with all the latest updates etc.
> Anyway I have found that clicking on the system tray
> icon of Spambayes to review e-mails for training fails
> to load. and IE 6 locks up and I have to use the task
> manager to kill the program

What happens if you try to go to <http://localhost:8880> when SpamBayes
isn't running?  (It should fail, but there's a slim chance that you have
something else running on that port that's causing a conflict).

If you run the "sb_server.exe" program (in the bin directory), rather than
using the tray application, and go to <http://localhost:8880>, does that
work?  If you run "sb_server.exe -b", does that fail in the same way?  What
about running "sb_server.exe -u 8881 -b" and (if necessary) going to

> but the system never recovers
> from this and I have to use the on/off button to restart
> my machine.

What do you mean it never recovers?  IE still doesn't work, or nothing
works, or what?  Have you checked to see if SpamBayes is still running
(sbtray.exe IIRC), and tried force quitting that, too?

> I have found that opening IE 6 first and then going
> to localhost/8880 home page first and then into the
> review page allows me to train on messages sometimes.

What do you mean by "sometimes"?  Is there any pattern to this that you can
see?  When this fails, does it fail in the same way as above, or in some
other way?

=Tony Meyer

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