[Spambayes] 1.0rc1, modifies Received headers

Jem lists03 at pc9.org
Mon May 31 11:15:00 EDT 2004

> At the moment, Python's email package needs to read in and parse the
> message, then write it out again with new (spam) headers. The email
> package (correctly, imho) takes the view that _any_ message emitted
> should be correct MIME, even if this means it's not the same as the
> message that was sent into the email Parser. email 3.0, coming as part
> of Python 2.4, goes even further in this regard.

OK, I didn't realize there was an entire email processor module in there 
(I'm not familiar with python).

> It's really _really_ not a useful expenditure of time to write a
> separate email Parser for SB - particularly since 3.0 has a completely
> rewritten Parser that's designed to not fail.

Not a problem, I've got a shell script that just sends it through to grep 
out the score lines anyway. Accomplishes what I need, and without any 
modification of spambayes :)

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