[Spambayes] More Error Messages in log file?

VBCoder VBCoder at iUpTown.com
Mon May 31 12:01:45 EDT 2004

Hi again,
I have run Detect and repair as you suggested and it did not make any
difference.  I am still not sure about how Spambayes works and can't find
good answers in the FAQ.
I am running WinME, Outlook 2K (Internet Only)

1). Does SpamBayes get control of the messages before any of my Rules?

2). Is it normal for a message to be processed by my Outlook rules and
arrive in it's final destination (supposedly after being processed by
SpamBayes and my Outlook rules) with the Spam field blank (no percentage)?
If so, under what conditions could this happen?

3).  What is the purpose of the Filter Timer?  How does it work?  Under what
conditions should I use it?

I am finding many messages that have no percentage in the Spam field yet a
clues display will show a percent that is anywhere in the spectrum.  Many
are over the %90 Spam limit and should have been sent to the Spam folder.
The messages that do arrive in the Spam and Unsure folders have a percent
value and appear to be processed correctly.  I am trying to find out if this
is normal, if there is a setting that will change this behavior if not, and
if it is a bug that needs to be reported.

Please see the explanation in my last messages (below) for a more in depth
descriptions of what I am seeing.


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Error Messages
I think I am getting confused here.  I am not sure if Spambayes or the rules
I created get the message first, but I assume that Spambayes does.  Assuming
that, here is what I am seeing.  I have several PSTs, each of them is a
Category.  In Each PST I have Folders and subfolders.  There is one main
Inbox that all mail gets delivered to.  The rules eventually move all
messages from the Inbox to folders in other PSTs.  If I open the Inbox, I
can see messages arrive in the Preview pain and can see % values in the Spam
field.  The messages are going through so fast, I can't determine if they
all have % values in them.  I can only say that some have the value.  All
messages that arrive in the Spam and/or Unsure folder have a % value in
them.  These Folders are in my Junk PST and is not the PST that has the
Inbox that messages get delivered too.  Many of the messages that get
delivered to the other folders via my rules are the ones that do not have a
% value in them  The example I gave of a message that did not have a value
was from my Junk Folder in the Junk PST.  The Junk rules that are built into
Outlook are the rules that put them there.  I get messages without a % value
in all of the folder/PST combinations, even folder in the PST that the Inbox
is in.  There is one thing that I have been playing with that seems to
effect the number of messages that do not have the % value.  The longer the
delay in the Filter timer, the greater the number of messages that do not
have % values.  I have turned the filter timer off for now to see what that
does.  I can't find an explanation of what the different settings for that
function does.  I would like to understand what it is for, and why it is
there.  This may have something to do with this.  I also suspect that the
multiple PSTs might have a role to play in this too.


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