[Spambayes] Re: migrating SpamBayes from Windows to Linux

Lars Kortsen lars.kortsen at sympatico.ca
Mon May 31 17:35:32 EDT 2004

I was pleased to discover that default_bayes_database.db needed no 
conversion at all.  I copied default_bayes_database.db to a FAT32 
partition and configured the SpamBayes proxy on the 'Linux side' of my 
system to use /mnt/hda7/SpamBayes/default_bayes_database.db. If worked 

Another successful experiment was to use the SpamBayes proxy on the 'XP 
side' instead of the Outlook plug-in, and configure it to use 
d:\SpamBayes\default_bayes_database.db.  I now have one database that is 
  accessed and updated from whichever OS I am using.

PS: I switched from Outlook to Thunderbird on the 'XP side' and have 
both OSs using T'bird configured to put all folders on the FAT32 

Tony Meyer wrote:
> [Note that you're more likely to have success asking questions via the
> spambayes at python mailing list than you are with
> c.l.p/python-list at python.org.  You're also more likely to receive a 
> response
> if your reply address works.]
>> I have been trying Linux on-and-off for a couple of years but keep 
>> going back to Windows out of frustration.   I have been
>> using the Outlook plug-in for over a year and now that I am
>> playing around with Linux again the first thing I did was install 
>> SpamBayes.  I am looking for some easy way to migrate the existing 
>> database from Windows to Linux so I don't have to retrain from scratch.
> You can possibly just copy the database file over
> (default_bayes_database.db, which you can rename to hammie.db if you like).
> If that doesn't work (depends on the dbm versions installed), then you can
> use the sb_dbexpimp.py script.  You'll probably have to run it on the
> Windows machine (which means installing Python if it's not already there,
> and getting the source archive) to get a successful conversion to either 
> csv
> or a pickle.  Then copy that across and convert back.
> =Tony Meyer
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