[Spambayes] More Error Messages in log file?

VBCoder VBCoder at iUpTown.com
Mon May 31 17:43:36 EDT 2004

I have 10 Pst files with hundreds of folders in each of them.  You are
suggesting that I set SpamBayes up to watch over 1000 folders, surly you
You should have left it alone when you where ahead.  I have no use for a
tool that requires I chase after all of the destination folders.
I don't know Python, nor do I have any desire to learn it.  I have
absolutely no intentions of downloading the source code to get descent
documentation.  This implies that only Python programmers are your intended
audience for this application.  I hope not.

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> It appears that all of the issues I am seeing are related to Spambayes
> not seeing a message before my Outlook rules.  This brings me to the sad
> realization that SpamBayes is unusable in my environment.

I'm not sure why.  You can tell SpamBayes to watch any number of folders, in
any number of .pst files.  It's not limited to scanning messages *only* in
the Inbox.  I have Outlook rules too (although not many), which move
messages from the Inbox to other folders, some in other .pst files.  I
configure SpamBayes to watch those destination folders too (in addition to
the Inbox).  The Outlook rules run first (with background filtering enabled,
if necessary), and SpamBayes rips the spam out of all the folders.

> I had asked a question about the purpose of the Filter timer and you
> responded with "read the code".

At that point, I had already responded in great detail about the *cause* of
missing scores, in terms of the Outlook object model.  If you want to know
even more than that, then yes, read the code.  You say you're a VB
programmer, so the ItemAdd event shouldn't be a mystery to you.

> I don't have the code

The source code can be downloaded by anyone.

> and I don't have the time or inclination t read the code.

That's fine, and I gave you as much answer as I had time for.

> If I did, I would write the code instead.

The timer code is a very small part of the system.  It would take anyone
months to write all of this code.

> I don't know what language it is written in, I am guessing
> it is not one that I am conversant in like assembly or VB.

It's written in Python, but uses MS's MAPI and Outlook interfaces.  Those
look pretty much the same no matter which language you call them from,
although VB and Python are much easier to use for this than C++.

> A simple answer would have sufficed.

Indeed, no good deed goes unpunished <0.6 wink>.

> Don't bother responding as it would make little difference as I am
> already looking for a product that will work in my environment.

As at the start, it's unclear why SpamBayes would not work in your

> Hint: If you wrote the Outlook piece as a custom rule, I would have been
> able to put it first to insure it would always fire before my rules moved
> it.  But I am sure you already thought of that.

Yes, but nobody has dreamt up a practical way of making that actually work.

> You last comment about turning on background filtering is not the answer.
> When turned on, almost all messages are missed (blank percent).  This
> setting seems to insure that it is always fired after the Outlook rules,
> at least in OL2K.

Yes, that's the intent.  AFAICT, the only piece of this puzzle you're
missing is configuring SpamBayes to watch your rules' destination folders

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