[Spambayes] More Error Messages in log file?

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Mon May 31 21:30:08 EDT 2004

> My annoyance still stands, that if I knew that there was a
> compatibility issue with OL2K I would not have tried the product.

Eh?  I don't know of any compatibility issue with OL2K.  At least thousands
of people use the Outlook addin with OL2K happily.  I'm one of them; I also
use it happily with OL2003.

Are you talking about the MS KB article I pointed you at earlier?  If so,
that only mentions OL2K, but in reality the unreliability of ItemAdd isn't
limited to OL2K.  I need to enable background filtering under OL2003 for the
same reason.  If you need to blame someone, you'll need to blame MS, for
both ItemAdd's glitches and for letting their docs get out of date.

> I understand and appreciate that this product, and many others, are all
> done by volunteers. What you are failing to understand here is that my
> time is no more or no less valuable than yours.

I do understand that, and I've given you as much help as I can.  Isn't it
the case that you understood the problem after my first reply?  You're not
going to get service like that anywhere else <wink>.

> I spent a great deal of time trying to understand what was going wrong
> and what could be done to get SpamBayes to work in my environment.  This
> time has just been wasted by this discovery.  Simply because of the lack
> of a compatibility statement for the Outlook plug-in and this issue for
> OL2K.  This does not make me a happy camper and the fact that the team
> that built this are volunteers does not make it better at all.

There's nothing specific to OL2K here.  I don't recall anyone ever saying
they were using thousands of folders with rules before, I have to believe
that's very unusual, and *that's* what makes "the usual" workaround
ineffective for you.  You're the first person I know of for which it isn't

> By the way, I was in the process of writing a custom rule that would
> further route messages that where put in the Spam folder by SpamBayes.
> It would look for message headers that had a line added by my mail server
> that indicated that it found the message in SpamCop and move it to a
> subfolder of Spam.  This would leave the messages in the Spam folder to
> be just the ones I needed to report to Spamcop.  It was working OK, but
> needed some tweaks, too bad I will never finish it so I could show you
> that someone actually did figure out how to use it and be practical at
> that.

Hmm.  I *assumed* that by "custom rule" before you meant Outlook's "custom
action" rule gimmick for accessing an external DLL.  Maybe that was wrong,
because you appear here to be describing a vanilla rule using filtering
abilities built in to the Outlook Rules Wizard.  SpamBayes can't be invoked
that way, and you can't even access a custom field (like the SpamBayes Spam
Score field) from an Outlook rule.

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