[Spambayes] Problems

Reed Odeneal reed at Penningtonlawfirm.com
Mon Nov 1 18:42:13 CET 2004

We tried:

Renamed the database, as instructed
Re-trained from junk suspects/ham
After trying this, the problem still exists, Recovering junk suspects to
the inbox takes 30 seconds or more for the email to show up into the
inbox. It does the same thing if I do a drag and drop or by using the
toolbar. The database size was right around 1.6 megs before it was

Ran a detect and repair on outlook2k3, and the problem still exists.

Any more recommendations?

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> The problem that we are having is when you click to
> recover an email from spam, out of the Junk Suspects
> folder, it takes AT LEAST 15 seconds for the email to
> show up in the inbox. It did not use to do this.

How many messages are in your database?  (The SpamBayes Manager dialog

If you move a message manually (e.g. drag and drop), is it quick?  If
then it's the training that's taking a long time (which is the mostly

You could try renaming the database files ("Show Data Directory" on the
Advanced tab of the Manager dialog will show you them - they are
default_bayes_database.db and default_message_database.db), and
and see if that fixes the problem.  If it does, we would be interested
know, as there have been a couple of other 'slow training' reports
which indicates that there might be a problem to fix.


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