[Spambayes] SpamBayes feature suggestion

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Nov 2 01:35:43 CET 2004

> 1) Would be great if SpamBayes could suggest and implement a settings 
> change at install that lets a person right-click on their junk e-mail 
> folder and see a menu selection for 'empty junk e-mail folder' - just 
> like the trash folder. Maybe similar functionality for the junk 
> suspects folder.

There's a tracker for this request:

[ 788755 ] Easy-empty Spam, Potential Spam folders

The status at the moment is that the SpamBayes menu will include a "Empty
Spam Folder" item in the first 1.1 release (or if you run from CVS Head,
already does).  As I understand it, adding an item to the context
(right-click) menu is extremely difficult, or not possible.  However,
Outlook 2003 includes a "Junk Mail" folder that has this functionality, and
you can use that folder as the SpamBayes spam folder, so as people gradually
move to newer Outlook versions, they'll get this functionality, too.

> 2) It might get prohibitively bulky to start processing individual 
> blacklists - or for that matter whitelists - as part of SpamBayes 
> (which after all is supposed to be Bayesian)... but if there's a way 
> to do that fast, it would help. I find Microsoft Outlook's message 
> rules processing way too slow to want to use it on incoming e-mail... 
> no matter how few things I'm asking it to find.

Have you read FAQ 6.6?  It covers (in depth) why there isn't any
white/black-listing with SpamBayes:



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