[Spambayes] Re: [spambayes-dev] A query on Frequently Asked Question 4.6

Remi Ricard papaDoc at videotron.ca
Tue Nov 2 16:47:24 CET 2004

Hi Harry,

>>What I was trying to say is I'm running an old version since my Linux 
>>box (the one doing the filtering) as problem generating a db for my 
>>windows box. (They don't use the same version of the database) and I 
>>need a backup since I can't live whitout SpamBayes and sometime
>>my connection to my server at home dies and I do the filtering on the 
>>windows machine at work.
>     Right, I see; I'm all interest. I am trying to get round to installing Linux and going down 
>that road, not only less well travelled but upon whose yellow bricks these tootsies have yet to 
>     I note that you have your own server at home - nice one. 
Please don't DOS it since it is only a poor x486  running Freesco..... ;-)

>>Oupssss. Did you stop the server before moving/renaming the files.
>     Remi, I'm not sure about the significance of that but I didn't 'move' those two database 
>files. All I did was copy them elsewhere and then change their names. Is there something wrong 
>in doing that? The 'originals' are still located at the end of the correct path. 
>    With regard to Tony's information and query...
>>Database corruption is quite uncommon these days, but we're not certain how
>>it can be caused.  Do you have any idea what might have caused yours?  Did
>>SpamBayes or your computer crash while training, or something like that?
>>Note that it might not have been just before the error occurred - sometimes
This might have been caused by the hard reboot you did to make your PC 
reach its homepage...

>     Well, I'll put this on Hold and go and delete, hammie.db and its pal, 
>spambayes.messageinfo.db  and enjoying a revived SpamBayes, will come back and let you know...
>     {pause for a minute to count to ten - I lost a chunk of this post - anyway forging on}
>     ...with the hidden files enabled in the Documents and Settings there are five sections; 
>Administrator; All Users; Default User; H Sigerson; Harry Sigerson. 
>     It's a stand alone machine and I am the Administrator. Only the last two went all the way 
>to Proxy and the two database files. 
This is because you were login as those users when you installed Spambayes.

>     When I went down the, C:\Documents and Settings\Harry Sigerson\Application Data\Spam 
>Bayes\Proxy\  path there where the twosome   hammie.db   and   spambayes.messageinfo.db. 
>     When I tried to delete them they wouldn't go; they were being used elsewhere. 
Check if Spambayes is still running. You should stop it and then delete 
the two files.

>     When I went down the other, C:\Documents and Settings\H Sigerson\Application Data\Spam 
>Bayes\Proxy\   there they were again but this time deleting them was straight forward and they 
>went off to the Recycle Bin and got dumped from there. So far so good. 
This is because Spambayes don't use the two files. This can be an old 
version or the files for another user. Check under which name you login.

>     I went back to the first, the  \Harry Sigerson\  one and again tried to dump them from 
>there  once again they refused to go.  I've tried rebooting the machine to see if that helped 
>but no; they were still gone for the one and still in this one. 
>     I've tried and will now do so again, to send and receive some email but I again got that 
>set of code error lines which tells that these two database files are still in place. Anyway 
>back in mo...
>     ...no go. I got the error lines again so the database files are still in place. 
>     I cant' recall why there is both  \H Sigerson\   and a    \Harry Sigerson\   user. I know 
>that it dates back to when I was being advised that it was a bad idea to run a stand alone 
>machine as Administrator. So some degree of advice and 'learning' went into things. 
>     At the moment, in Administrative Tools from the Control Panel, then into Computer 
>Management and select the 'Groups's folder of 'Local Users and Groups' and then clicking 
>Administrators, there are two entries  Administrator  and   Harry Sigerson. 
>     In the same location but clicking on Power Users, the only entry there is  H Sigerson. 
>     Leaving that 'Groups' folder and opening its twin, the 'Users' folder, the 'Harry Sigerson 
>Properties' box's 'Members of' tab calls him up as one of the Administrators and one of the 
>     H Sigerson, in his 'Properties' box is called up as a Member of Power Users and Users. 
>     I don't know if that gives any clues as to why I can't delete those two database files from 
>what is supposed to be in the control of an Administrator (Harry Sigerson) I just don't know. 
>     Deleting   hammie.db   and   spambayes.messageinfo.db    is proving difficult. 
>     I suppose uninstalling and then re-installing is one way to go but it would be so much more 
>satisfying to just find out why those database files cannot be dumped. 
I'm more a programmer and a Unix administrator than a Windows 
administrator so I don't want to comment on that and give the chance to 
people to laugh at me. ;-)


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