[Spambayes] outlook plugin /Norton Antivirus problem

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Nov 4 04:34:32 CET 2004

> I'm wondering if anyone has seen this problem and has a fix?
> If I receive an email with a virus attached and I tell 
> SpamBayes that I want to delete as spam or if it 
> automatically files it in my Junk Emails folder, Norton 
> Antivirus comes up saying that it has detected a virus. I 
> have reading (preview) panes turned off for all folders. The 
> only way this can happen is if SpamBayes opens the letter in 
> the background to search for spam
> patterns. Is this the case?   How do I keep it from opening the virus
> infected email?

Is this perhaps mail arriving on an Exchange/IMAP/Hotmail store and being
moved to a "Junk Emails" folder on a local (pst) store?  That would explain
this, as Norton is unaware of the files on the remote machine, but becomes
aware of it once it arrives on the local one.

FWIW, SpamBayes doesn't "open" the mail in any way.  There's no way that
SpamBayes would trigger an email virus.


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