[Spambayes] spam with 100% score not moved to junk

Cecconi, Enrico (E.) ececconi at visteon.com
Thu Nov 4 09:11:21 CET 2004

OK, so now i've added "spam" field from the "user defined" cat - it's still

The "unsure" thing is a side issue. It doesn't really worry me, I just
included to mention it in case it was significant. The main thing is SB used
to work on 90% of my spam (after trining) now it never works. It behaves as
if it's installed but not enabled, however reinstalling made no difference. 

What other checks can I do to see what is inhibiting the filtering?

What is the significance of "NOTE: Skipping folder for this session -
temporarily unavailable" in the attached log files (from today)? There was
one spam (attatched) in the inbox today. It was not filtered or moved by SB
but "show spam clues" gave it a 100% score.



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> Yes I did use the "Show spam clues for current message" which 
> appears under the "SpamBayes" button on my Outlook toolbar. I 
> used it when the email was still in my inbox (highlighted).
> I've been using SpamBayes for about a year without problems. 
> This has been happening for the last few months only. I've 
> uninstalled and reinstalled and re-run the training but it 
> made no difference. I've also unchecked and rechecked most of 
> the boxes in SpamBayes manager but still can't get any 
> filtering to happen. There was, however one exception, 
> yesterday one email was put into my "unsure" folder!?! That's 
> the first time ever that that has happened, as far as I can remember.

I wonder if this is a case of:

[ 972359 ] some 100% SPAM sent to unsure

There, Mark hypothesises that the problem is with the content-type magic.
One of the example messages you sent looked like that might be the case, but
not the other.  Hopefully they are related, since we're already looking into
that one, so will find a solution at some point.

> Following on from your email, I've added the "Junk E-mail 
> Type" field to my inbox. It is empty.

The field should be named "Spam" and be in the "User-defined" category.


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