[Spambayes] Outlook [still!] freezing every day

Tsombakos, John johnt at amileasing.com
Thu Nov 4 14:11:23 CET 2004

Sorry to be a pain, but this problem is still happening. As I've said, the
only work around is to turn spambayes off when I leave at night, then turn
it back on and then manually have it filter my inbox. If I forget to turn it
off, I come back in to a hung up Outlook. It runs all day just fine.

I've included yet another log. It looks like that last thing it does is
start a "new message timer", which never fires and subsequently takes
Outlook down with it.

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I've installed the 1.0 version of Spambayes (Outlook plugin - Outlook 2000,
exchange server 5), but it is still freezing up Outlook. It doesn't happen
during the day and the junk mail flows in, just overnight.

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