[Spambayes] question

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Thu Nov 4 23:11:31 CET 2004

I assume (from the headers of your message) that you're using Outlook
Express and sb_server.  If that's not the case, then this is all wrong -
please re-ask the questions, but giving us more information about what
you're using.

> If I classify an email as spam, but which to change
> this classification later, how do I do so?

While the SpamBayes copy of the message is still in the cache (by default, 7
days), you can use the "find message" query on the main page of the web
interface to bring up a review page with that message on it.  If you train
it as ham from there it will automatically be untrained as spam first.

Once the message is gone from the cache, it's very difficult to do.  You can
paste the message (including headers) into the "train message" box on the
main page of the web interface, which will at least counteract the spam
training, but this won't do the 'untraining' that really should be done.

> What happens to emails that are classified as spam?
> Where do they go?

With sb_server, all mail is just tagged with the classification.  It's up to
you what happens to the mail.  Typically users get the mailer (e.g. OE) to
move it to another folder where it can be periodically reviewed and deleted.


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