[Spambayes] spam with 100% score not moved to junk

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Nov 5 00:00:53 CET 2004

> The main thing is SB used to work on 90% of my spam (after 
> trining) now it never works. It behaves as if it's installed 
> but not enabled, however reinstalling made no difference. 
> What is the significance of "NOTE: Skipping folder for this 
> session - temporarily unavailable" in the attached log files 
> (from today)?

Ack.  I can't believe I missed that in the original log (sorry).

*That* is the cause of the problem here - basically SpamBayes can't get hold
of the folder it's trying to watch, so it never installs the 'event hook'
that would tell it about new mail arriving, so it never knows about any of
the mail.

The question then, of course, is why the folder isn't available.  Outlook is
telling SpamBayes that the folder is "temporarily available" - can you think
of any reason why this might be the case?

You could try going into the configuration (SpamBayes Manager->Filtering)
and (a) seeing if the folder is offered in the list of folders to filter and
(b) reselecting it if it is.

You could try selecting another folder on the same store and seeing if it
gives the same error.

Microsoft indicates that possible causes for this error include:

  * Insufficient permissions for the mailbox.

  * If you try to open more than 255 mailboxes in one process (the process
here would be Outlook).  It also says that the actual limit may be lower as
some index values may be reserved.

  * If an incorrect password is provided and a prompt for the password
cannot be displayed.

Anything sound relevant?


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