[Spambayes] A most peculair problem with SB 1

Robert Neuschul robert at imagine.co.uk
Tue Nov 9 04:43:56 CET 2004


> Well I hadn't even got as far as editing the ini file so if this was pointing 
> at a bsddb.db then it was not of my doing. I shall try deleting the .db and 
> try it again.

Further to this - I'm now thoroughly confused:

1] I can't find any trace of an ini file anywhere on the system after running 
2] I can't find any database files on the sytem. I can see the pickle and hammie 
py scripts. I've been searching for .db files - is this the wrong thing to be 
searching for? And where should I be looking for them?

I have to say that I'm very confused by the new location of files: previously 
when everything was retained within the spambayes directory I knew where to look 
for everything and could find it; now with all the scripts apparently 
distributed in at least 2 places within the python tree I'm completely confused. 

> > doesn't, so it could be the case.
> Now that sounds somewhat more likely. I'll try downloading from the CVS and 
> test that version.

I should say that I haven't yet tried the CVS version - I was trying to see if I 
could spot what was going on with the version 1.0 I still have installed.


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