[Spambayes] A most peculair problem with SB 1

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Nov 9 05:05:12 CET 2004

> Further to this - I'm now thoroughly confused:
> 1] I can't find any trace of an ini file anywhere on the 
> system after running setup.py

If you've not done any configuration, then there won't be one.  If you have,
it ought to be there somewhere.

> 2] I can't find any database files on the sytem. I can see 
> the pickle and hammie py scripts.

If you haven't done any classifying/filtering, there won't be any.  If you
have, they ought to be there somewhere.

> I've been searching for .db files
> - is this the wrong thing to be searching for?

By default the databases will be called "hammie.db" and
"spambayes.messageinfo.db", yes.

> And where should I be looking for them?

The SpamBayes files will be located (unless you specify full paths) in the
same directory as the last configuration file loaded.  If a configuration
file isn't found, then the default place is in the current working directory
unless you're on Windows (with pywin32 installed or using the binary), in
which case it's a "Spambayes\Proxy" directory in the Windows Application
Data directory.

> I have to say that I'm very confused by the new location of 
> files: previously when everything was retained within the spambayes
> directory I knew where to look for everything and could find
> it; now with all the scripts apparently distributed in at
> least 2 places within the python tree I'm completely confused. 

I presume that in the past you didn't run "setup.py install".  That copies
the scripts to Python's scripts directory and the spambayes package
directory to Lib/site-packages.  That's the standard way that Python
modules/scripts are installed.  If you don't want to do that, you don't have
to run "setup.py install" - as long as the path to the main spambayes
directory is on your PYTHONPATH, you'll be fine (this is what I do, for
example, because I have multiple copies of the spambayes source).

If the path isn't on the PYTHONPATH (various Python directories are, and
IIRC directories on the environment variable PATH), then you can just
add/modify the PYTHONPATH environment variable to include tha path.

Let me know if there definitely are no database files and no configuration
file.  That would mean that something's going wrong when running with
defaults and fresh (non-existing) databases, and that means a SpamBayes bug.


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