[Spambayes] How does SpamBayes training count "spam" and "good" mail

Jim Hockin jhockin at cox.net
Wed Nov 10 09:19:10 CET 2004

Anyone know how SpamBayes training counts "spam" and "good" mail? In the SpamBayes 1.0 for Outlook, I designated initial training to look at about 300 "spam" messages in a SPAM folder and about 300 "good" messages in a GOOD folder, checkmarked it to rebuild entire database, and it comes back with "Completed training with 91 spam and 9 good messages" and the Training Database Status tells me the "Database only has 9 good and 91 spam - you should consider performing additional training." Can anyone tell me why it doesn't see the other 500 messages I gave it? What am I missing here?

Jim Hockin
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