[Spambayes] As requested by Tony Meyer / Spam Clues: [SPAM] EnjoyUnlimited PayPerView in Complete Freedom

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Nov 10 22:43:50 CET 2004

Combined Score: 100% (1)
Internal ham score (*H*): 2.22045e-016
Internal spam score (*S*): 1

These scores are prior to training (i.e. moving to the spam folder or
clicking "Delete as Spam"), right?

Was this message not moved to the spam folder?  It should have been - it
scored a resounding 100% - it can't get any higher.

If it wasn't - was it moved to the unsure folder, or did it stay in the

Next time this happens, could you send us a copy of your most recent log
file?  The troubleshooting guide (SpamBayes->Help->Troubleshooting Guide)
explains where to find that.

I wonder if perhaps this is a case of this bug:

[ 972359 ] some 100% SPAM sent to unsure

If so, then the best I can offer is that we are working on getting it
solved, so it should be at some point, hopefully soon.


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