[Spambayes] How does SpamBayes training count "spam" and "good" mail

Jim Hockin jhockin at cox.net
Thu Nov 11 12:24:52 CET 2004

Thanks for the good advice, Tony.

The "Scanpst" utility said the pst file was just fine.
The SpamBayes log said only nine, and 91 "new" messages were found...

GetNextPage with current 0 IDD_WIZARD_WELCOME
GetNextPage with current 3 IDD_WIZARD_FOLDERS_TRAIN
Checked 9 in folder Inbox - 9 new entries found.
Checked 93 in folder SPAM - 91 new entries found.

...When in fact there were about 300 messages in each folder.

Low and behold, it appears the Internet headers had been wiped on almost all
of my messages.
One of the other anti-spam programs I was testing could have done this.
It could have been SpamProxy Pro.

Thanks, again for the help.


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> Anyone know how SpamBayes training counts "spam" and
> "good" mail? In the SpamBayes 1.0 for Outlook, I designated
> initial training to look at about 300 "spam" messages
> in a SPAM folder and about 300 "good" messages in a GOOD
> folder, checkmarked it to rebuild entire database, and it
> comes back with "Completed training with 91 spam and 9 good
> messages" and the Training Database Status tells me the
> "Database only has 9 good and 91 spam - you should consider
> performing additional training." Can anyone tell me why it
> doesn't see the other 500 messages I gave it? What am I missing
> here?

The log file <0.5 wink>.  Seriously, that'll explain why messages were not
trained.  Wild guesses:

  1.  Some of the mail has never been received (drafts, sent items, ...)
  2.  Some of the mail are not what Outlook calls IPM.Note (regular
messages), for example some Exchange autogenerated messages.
  3.  There was a periodic problem accessing the folder (i.e. run scanpst
over it if it's a PST, or check the connectivity if it's

If these don't apply, please feel free to send in a copy of the log file for
the period in which you tried this, and we'll try and explain whatever
errors are there.


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