[Spambayes] No "Delete as Spam" button in Junk Suspects

Robert Mezzone Robert.Mezzone at PJSolomon.Com
Thu Nov 11 14:51:55 CET 2004

I don't know how to restore the button, but in the meantime you can drag the
messages to you Junk Email folder and the program will train on the
messages. At least that's my experience moving messages thru OWA and my
Blacberry. I'm sure Tony can resolve your missing button issue.



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Subject: [Spambayes] No "Delete as Spam" button in Junk Suspects

Since I updated recently to the 1.0 version of Spambayes, I no longer have a
"delete as spam" button in the Junk Suspects folder, only "Recover from
Spam."  Before, of course, both buttons appeared.  I can, of course, just
delete them; but since I've assumed that "deleting as spam" added those to
the training database, that possibility is now lost.  I tried reinstalling
Spambayes, in case it was perhaps a problem on my computer, but there was no
change.  Any thoughts?  Or is this a change in the program?

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