[Spambayes] New Spambayes feature?

Goldsmith jg at greenmoss.net
Sun Nov 14 05:44:53 CET 2004

I was thinking that spambayes could include something in its detection
engine which would convert ASCII letters with accents above them commonly
used to bypass filtering (e.g. "ìf yòu nèèd hìgh quàlìty mèdìcàtìòn ànd
wòuld lòvè tò sàvè òn òutràgèòus rètàìl prìcìng") to their equivalent, e.g.
the filter would check "ò" as "o" against its token index. It would be easy
to do and would prevent the requirement of many additional tokens for every
variation of "pricing" or "medication" which might contain any number of
combinations of accented and unaccented characters.

Thanks. Maybe just respond with a "Good Idea" "Bad Idea" or "Go away" so I
can know someone received this.


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