[Spambayes] why doesn't the pop3 proxy filter all messages?

Don Rolph rolph at 110.net
Sun Nov 14 19:15:39 CET 2004

I have installed spambayes 1.0 as a pop3/smtp proxy with Eudora.  I find 
that it filters some of the incoming pop3 mail but not all.  I run the 
identical test mail through the mail system and sometimes the pop3 proxy 
will classify the mail and provide a spam score and other times it passes 
the mail through without any checking or providing any spam score.

Thoughts?  I know that the pop3 proxy is passing the mail because:

o  the active sessions counter gets incremented
o  the mail is delivered and the client does not know how to contact the 
external pop3 server itself

This beast is in general working great with excellent selectivity on spam, 
BUT it only seems to be working on some of the messages.

Thanks in advance!


Don Rolph rolph at 110.net

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