[Spambayes] Filter Based on Recognized Email ISPs - Bounce Back Spam to Sending IP Address

The Webers weber201 at npgcable.com
Sun Nov 14 20:36:26 CET 2004

I've been out of the technical area for sometime but it seems to me that all
this spam should be able to be bounced back to the sending server.   


Couldn't a front end app could be developed that: 


1.	- Contains a list of all recognized Email providers (Yahoo, MSN,
NPGCABLE ..) and allow that Email to come through 
2.	- provide option to filters on userid, subject, text.
3.	- Email NOT passing that filter be rejected back to the sender but
send a copy to a separate folder for user to review and add Email address to
filter to allow future Email from that specific user to pass through. 
4.	Email not passing the filter should be analyzed to find the sending
IP and bounce it back to the route it came from.  This might help getting a
portion of the spam stopped or at least place less work on the recipient.


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