[Spambayes] Disappearing messages

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Nov 15 01:41:02 CET 2004

> lately I have noticed that some messages are 
> getting deleted before they are placed in a folder.
> Is this something that SB does or should I be
> looking at Outlook or some other possible problem?

SpamBayes doesn't have the ability to delete any mail, so that definitely
isn't the case.  It is possible that SpamBayes is *moving* the mail - if you
haven't checked your unsure (Possible Junk) or spam (Junk) folders for these
messages, then it would be worth doing that.

Some of the information in FAQ 3.12 might help:


You could also check the SpamBayes log (SpamBayes
Manager->Advanced->Diagnostics->View Log) - it has an entry for each message
that it 'sees', so you could at least tell if the messages got that far
(although SpamBayes fires after Outlook, so if Outlook has done something
with it, then SpamBayes will have no idea the message existed).


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