[Spambayes] How to recover spam to a specific ham folder

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Nov 17 01:07:41 CET 2004

> Is there a way to specify for a false positive which
> subfolder an email will redirected to
> when using the 'Recover from spam' button? So far I noticed
> that all recovered emails end up in just one of those
> subfolders ( the first one I set up) not respecting the
> email address they have been send to.

The 'Recover from spam' button is meant to send the message back to the
folder it was in before SpamBayes moved it (here, presumably the correct
subfolder).  However, if it can't manage to do that, then it just sends it
back to the 'main' Inbox, whatever Outlook thinks that is.

Usually problems with figuring out the original folder occur with Hotmail or
IMAP stores - are you using one of those?

Your log files (SpamBayes->Help->Troubleshooting Guide explains where those
are) might have additional clues about what is going wrong here.


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