[Spambayes] why doesn't the pop3 proxy filter all messages?

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Nov 17 01:20:37 CET 2004

[Don Rolph]
> I have installed spambayes 1.0 as a pop3/smtp proxy with
> Eudora.  I find that it filters some of the incoming pop3
> mail but not all.  I run the identical test mail through the
> mail system and sometimes the pop3 proxy will classify the
> mail and provide a spam score and other times it passes
> the mail through without any checking or providing any spam score.

[Tony Meyer]
>If you examine the headers of the messages that are not filtered, do they
>have an "X-Spambayes-Exception" header?  If so, what does that header

[Don Rolph]
> There are no X-Spambayes headers of any type.  There are no
> errors in the log files.

Are you positive that Eudora is connecting via localhost and not directly to
the POP3 server?  It should not be possible for a message to get through the
SpamBayes POP3 proxy without getting either a classification header or an
exception header.

What happens if you telnet to the proxy?  For example (do this from a
Command/DOS prompt):

telnet localhost 110
[wait for the connection]
USER [username]
PASS [password]

That should print out to the console the first message waiting to be
downloaded (it will not be deleted, so it'll still be delivered in a regular
mail check).  Does that include any SpamBayes headers?

> I have not found out how to turn on the global verbose option
> to get the pop3 log.

If you run sb_server from a command line, you can add "-o
globals:verbose:True" to the end.  Otherwise, you need to open up the
configuration file (probably called "bayescustomize.ini", and probably in
"C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Spambayes\Proxy" -
the FAQ explains alternative locations) and add these lines:


However, I suspect that you won't get anything in the logs.  I could be
wrong, though.


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