[Spambayes] Off the List Please

Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
Thu Nov 18 16:27:39 CET 2004

A vain hope, perhaps. But if it's not there, there's no hope at all.
Besides, it just seems appropriate. At present, every plain text message
forwarded by the list manager includes that footer, but many SpamBayes
users are composing HTML messages with Outlook, probably not even
realizing that they can compose plain text messages, or that there are
reasons for doing so. This means that on HTML-capable mail readers, a
substantial fraction of the messages do not display that footer. That's
a missed opportunity to educate.


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	What makes you think the people you're aiming at would read that
footer if you did append it? After all, every person now trying to get
off the list subscribed to the list in the first place, whereupon he was
told how to get off. Plus, every subscriber receives a monthly reminder
containing the same information. The users who don't read and/or file
the reminders won't read the footers either.

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		Please see
<BLOCKED::http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/spambayes> .
		Does anyone know if the list manager could append the
standard message footer (with information about how to get to the list
manager and the FAQ) to HTML messages as well as plain text messages?
That might minimize this sort of request in the future.


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			Please take me off the lists. No time to read
them; Plus they don't help me.


			Lucille Pelletier (Known also as ch'an mo)


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