[Spambayes] Off the List Please

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 22:32:52 CET 2004

[Skip Montanaro]
> (Should I try channelling Tim?  Sounds dangerous...)

I predict you'll survive <wink>.

> Tim uses Outlook.
> While I'm sure he knows Mailman's behavior well enough to not need
> to see header fields or the footer to know what they contain, I
> suppose he may also know how to drive Outlook well enough to
> expose those bits.

I actually don't know.  I read my spambayes subscription via a gmail
account these days, and the list info is definitely visible at the
bottom of HTML msgs from the spambayes list viewed via gmail.  gmail
does with it what it's supposed to do with it.

All versions of Outlook (but not of Outlook Express) destroy incoming
MIME structure in a non-reversible way, and it could very well be that
they simply throw away the list info Mailman is trying to display when
they receive an HTML msg.  The info is still in the headers then (most
easily revealed by doing a "show clues" via SpamBayes), but Outlook
does make those clumsy to get at.

So, for all I know, it's true that no Outlook user ever sees the list
info on HTML msgs.  There would be little Mailman-community knowledge
about this, because by default Mailman throws away all text/html MIME
sections, reflecting (I guess) geeks' widespread hatred of HTML email;
the spambayes lists are rare exceptions.

But Outlook certainly *does* show the list info on plain-text msgs
sent to the list; I have thousands of those archived in my Outlook,
and you don't have to do anything special to see it.  Despite that we
allow it here, relatively little traffic to this list is in HTML
format, so "even Outlook users" <wink> don't have much excuse.

Anyway, it's not something I want to spend more time on.  The admin
pages make clear that an overwhelmingly majority of folks who want to
unsubscribe manage to do so on their own.

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