[Spambayes] RE: Off the List Please

Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
Fri Nov 19 14:40:48 CET 2004

Ouch!  I don't think of myself as an unsophisticated user, and I had no
idea what was in those attachments.  I never open attachments unless I
have good reason to AND I'm certain of their source, and I think many
e-mail users are equally cautious.  Thanks for clarifying that.

It's a good news/bad news situation for Outlook users.  Outlook makes
the footer available for HTML messages, but in a form that virtually no
one is ever going to see, since it ignores the inline disposition.

I think Tim's observation that almost everyone who wants to unsubscribe
figures it out on their own supports Bob's contention that some people
won't figure it out whatever you do, so even if the footers of HTML
messages were easily visible to Outlook users, it would probably make
little difference.  (Short form: I'll shut up now.  Thanks for bearing
with me.)

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