[Spambayes] Yahoo addresses

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Nov 22 05:10:44 CET 2004

[Tony Meyer]
>> If you use the "show clues for this message" function on one
>> of those (before training), you might be able to understand 
>> why they are scoring what they do.  If not, feel free to 
>> forward one of those 'show clues' messages to the list, and 
>> we'll try and explain what's going on.

[Bob Murdoch]
> Thanks for the offer.  Here's one that is sitting in the Junk E-mail
> folder right now:
> Combined Score: 0% (1.11022e-016)
> Internal ham score (*H*): 1
> Internal spam score (*S*): 2.22045e-016

This has a score of 0%, which is as non-junk as it can get.  Have you done
any training since this message was filtered?  (The "show clues" function
shows what the message would currently score, not what it originally did).
If not, did the message definitely end up in the junk folder?  If so, then
if could you send us a copy of your most recent log file
(SpamBayes->Help->Troubleshooting Guide explains where they are) when it
happens next that would be great, since that shouldn't happen.


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