[Spambayes] It all started with SP2

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Tue Nov 23 04:21:39 CET 2004

> I've been using it successfully for over a year and once Microsoft SP2
> was installed it quit working.

Was it definitely immediately after SP2 was installed, and not just at a
similar time?

> Now, SpamBayes loads correctly, assigns
> Spam values correctly, puts messages in the "Spam" and "Possible Spam"
> folders correctly, but if I try to access any functions, it 
> performs the function but then it also shuts down Outlook.

When does the shutdown occur?  After the action, or before?  If you click
the drop-down list, does it appear, and the shutdown occur when you select
an item, or not appear?  When Outlook shuts down, does it give any sort of
error message?  Is there any message from Outlook when you open it again?

> In the log file below, I recovered a message from 'Possible Spam' folder,
> and it performed the function, but then shut down Outlook.
> *	the version of Windows you are using-Window XP Version 2002-SP2
> *	the version of SpamBayes - Version 1.0
> *	any log files. - see below

The problem with this (and with 956834, which is probably caused by the same
thing) is that there's no indication of an error occurring at all, which
makes it very difficult to try and figure out what's causing it.

Is Outlook completely up-to-date?  Have you tried running scanpst over any
pst files?  (Unlikely to be related, but can't hurt to be sure).

Do you have any other Outlook plug-ins?  Any other Outlook troubles before

I might try building a test version of the plug-in that uses a temporary
toolbar (we did this once, a long time back) rather than a permanent one,
and see if that has any effect. Would you be willing to download an
installer for that test version and give that a go?  (It wouldn't be any
different in any other way and you could just reinstall the regular one if
it didn't have any effect).


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