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Robert Mezzone RMezzone at PJSolomon.com
Tue Nov 23 23:46:53 CET 2004

I can't address the OOF question but I have mine setup so all Ham, Spam and
Possible Spam is forwarded to my Blackberry. I moved the Spambayes related
folders so they are subfolders of my Inbox, this way everything is forwarded
and I can move things between folders on my BB and the changes synch with my

Not sure if this helps...


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I am wondering why, when using Microsoft Outlook 2000, SpamBayes does not
forward ALL mail when the out of office assistant is turned on.  I would
like to configure it so that all mail is forwarded to a remote location to
ensure that an accidental SPAM message gets forwarded.  So far, I have only
been able to forward messages that are for sure HAM.  Could someone help me
out with this?

James Fodor
RF Communications
(630) 420-8882 x 133
1701 Quincy Ave, Suite 29
Naperville, IL  60540

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