[Spambayes] email evades Spambayes

Michael Kimball michael at kimballpottery.com
Wed Nov 24 05:33:49 CET 2004

Don Rolph wrote:
> I am finding that if your email client uses any non-basic pop3 commands, 
> that the pop3 proxy sometimes hangs.  If it hangs, then it passes the 
> email without filtering it.
> What email client are you using?

I'm using Thunderbird 0.9 (essentially the same as Netscape 7.2)

> At 09:15 AM 11/23/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>> When I d/l'ed my email this am this one came through with no 
>> indication that SpamBayes had checked it.  Everything else had 
>> X-Spambayes-Classification headers with the ham/spam/unsure value.  Is 
>> there anything in this that can let it evade SpamBayes?  Or did 
>> SpamBayes just hiccup?  I've set the proxies so AVG collects my mail, 
>> passes it to SpamBayes which passes it to Thunderbird.

No virus found in this outgoing message when I SENT it.  Who knows what it has picked up on it's way through the interweb.
Checked by AVG Anti-Virus.
Version: 7.0.289 / Virus Database: 265.4.1 - Release Date: 11/19/2004

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