[Spambayes] Msg for Tony about earlier problems.

Robert Neuschul robert at imagine.co.uk
Wed Nov 24 14:55:30 CET 2004


After messing around with your latest patches for the 
pop3proxy_server.py I wasn't getting anywhere; some of the time things 
worked, some of the time they didn't - with no clear indication of why 
things were so variable. 

In some desperation I uninstalled everything, cleaned the Windows 2003 
registry to remove all references to Python and Spambayes, and all 
instances of the service. I then deleted all the old files [cache DB 
etc] and rebooted the server. I then did a clean install of Python 
2.3.3 with the latest matching Pywin [these are the same versions 
previously installed], and rebooted the server again. I then did some 
careful analysis of the local environment to be sure that Python and 
PyWin were working OK - which they were.

At that point I installed the current Spambayes release 1 source 
version [not the latest CVS version], and then copied across your 
patched version of pop3proxy_server.py and installed it. 

Hey presto: all is now working fine. 

So far it's been running for just over a week and the only real issue I 
have isn't with SB itself it's with configuring the AV not to touch the 
SB cache, where there are [as one might expect] a lot of infected items 
which never make it into our mail system thanks to pre-processing of SB 

I /think/ that's cracked the problem. Many thanks for your patience and 
the time spent on debugging.

All the best,


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