[Spambayes] email evades Spambayes

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Nov 26 03:06:50 CET 2004

> When I d/l'ed my email this am this one came through with no 
> indication that SpamBayes had checked it.  Everything else had 
> X-Spambayes-Classification headers with the ham/spam/unsure 
> value.  Is there anything in this that can let it evade SpamBayes?
> Or did SpamBayes just hiccup?

This is really weird - and a bit concerning since there was a similar report
recently.  I can't think of any way that mail could be downloaded through
SpamBayes and not get either a X-Spambayes-Classification header or a
X-Spambayes-Exception header, or crash.

If this happens again, could you switch to running sb_server in verbose mode


in your bayescustomize.ini file) and see if there's anything unusual in the
_pop3proxy.log file that will get created?

If it doesn't happen again, it was probably just cosmic alignment or
something <wink>.


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