[Spambayes] email evades Spambayes

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Fri Nov 26 05:45:26 CET 2004

> If the CAPA command is given SOME of the time the server 
> connection fails to close after the QUIT command.

What do you get back from the CAPA command (a) with the proxy and (b) with a
direct connection to the server?  We modify the CAPA response, so maybe I
can't duplicate this since my response doesn't get duplicated (I don't have
access to a POP3 server that has a CAPA response that would be modified).
However, it does pass the test script...

> Under these conditions, the pop3 proxy passes the commands for
> the next session(s) without filtering the email.  It is
> moderately reproducible.

This is also very strange (a second connection should be through the proxy,
no matter what stage the first connection is at).  What happens then, if you
cause this problem with a telnet connection, and before ending the session
(i.e. while it is hung) open another telnet connection to the proxy?  Does
this then result in a connection where you have direct access to the server?

Does anything get printed to the (spambayes) log?  (The troubleshooting
guide explains where this is, or it's the console window when running from

> what I think would resolve this is for the proxy to send an 
> extra <CR><LF> after the QUIT command to ensure that the session
> has closed.

I don't believe that this would solve the problem.  The proxy sends all
outgoing data exactly as is, no matter what.  There's no reason that any
sequence of actions should effect the server's response to a QUIT command,
unless there's something odd about that specific POP server.  (Do you only
use the one POP server?  If there's more than one, does the problem happen
with both?)

> I have had two of these cases after changing the check forr 
> SSL setting, but the problem is greatly reduced.

Without checking (and assuming that the problem is with CAPA), I assume this
is because Eudora doesn't use CAPA in most circumstances if it doesn't need
to check for STARTTLS ability.


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